Embrace Culture

Proud Mexican Brand

Experience unmatched quality, support Mexican artisans, and celebrate Mexico's rich cultural legacy when you shop with us.

Handmade In Mexico

Centuries of tradition meet skilled craftsmanship, creating authentic pieces that embody the soul.



Where Tradition Meets Vision

From the roots of Mexican heritage to a vision for the 21st century, Solei embodies timeless fashion with handmade details. Our brand brings exquisite Ethnic garments from indigenous communities to your wardrobe.

Since 1920

Legacy of Craft: A Family Tradition

Our roots trace back to the 1920s, where our great-grandfather pioneered the iconic Mexican shawl. Building on his legacy, our parents wholesaled women’s clothing for over 40 years. At 19, my twin sister and I founded Solei, marrying exquisite fashion with handcrafted details—a brand rooted in tradition and committed to supporting women cooperatives in rural Mexico.